Our Start-ups


Over 12 Lakh people die annually as a result of air pollution in India.

And this one-man company has devised a simple way to make that stop - By simply monitoring the air quality indoors, and purifying it, real time. The best part - it costs only 1/10th of the price of a regular air purifier!
This is Clairco. Giving you cleaner, more breathable air!


Renovation is dreaded for its lack of affordability and being too disorderly.

This power couple used technology to bring order to the chaos by onboarding contractors, designers and vendors, and uniting them all with a single app, making the smartphone the only ‘tool’ you needed for renovation.

Smarter Dharma

Numbers aren’t going to change the future. An alteration in behaviour is more likely to do so.

Smarter Dharma works with the Construction, Hospitality and Manufacturing sectors for resource efficacy and use technology as an enabler for change. With sustainability being the core of their business, they have saved over 3.96million litres of water and reduced waste by over 14K tonnes.


Transform the way you live and save on consumption with Smart switches.

Comfort is in the cloud, and Bluesinq brings this to every home for not just luxury, but also efficiency. With their Smart Home devices, users can monitor, schedule and secure their homes from anywhere in the world.


100s of unknown delivery executives are given access to enter your living communities every day.

Think that’s safe? Exprs helps in ‘onepoint’ service that allows collection, storage and delivery from a single point in a community. By building India’s largest micro-distribution network, they have organized last mile delivery logistics.

Dextra Square

Stop illegal encroachment, trespassing and animal intrusion of unoccupied property.

Secure your piece of land with Just Fence’s services. With high end demarcation and boundary fences, your unguarded property is protected from grave risks, giving you peace of mind.


Our Alumni

Aapka Painter

There are 1800+ shades of paint for you to choose from! Overwhelming, much?

A startup that lives up to its name, Aapka Painter lets clients transform their walls into inspiring masterpieces with just a few clicks. It simplifies and personalizes the whole process through 3D visualization and advanced color consultancy so that you pick exactly what you love and pay for it without regrets.


Leaving the “in” out of inefficiency!

Unfortunately, the Real Estate industry is characterised by inefficiency. CREMATRIX aims to change that by providing accurate information to offices, retail, and warehouses. Its offerings include Lease & Sales Screener, Stacking Plans, Forecasts, Micro-market Analysis, Asset Valuation, and more.


93% of the sewage in India is left untreated. Talk about the stench!

ECOSTP is a zero power-zero maintenance sewage treatment technology that works independently to offer an economical solution. It can treat 1 KL to 1 Million liters of sewage per day without using any power at all. It is a 100% sustainable solution that eliminates energy wastage, the need for regular maintenance, noise, and of course, the stench!


Do the Monsoons feel like summer? Blame global warming!

The earth will soon be 3 degrees hotter if we don’t clean the air and reduce carbon emissions STAT! NATURA is an urban plantscaping startup that has developed the Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate. Easy to use, it needs 6 times less water, giving you a green wall, green roof, and interior plantscaping solutions. These capture air pollutants and let nature breathe!


1.6 Lakh (and counting) parking spots mapped!

PparkE, with the power of IoT is helping businesses & people move forward by mapping parking spaces. It uses data analytics and to provide IoT enabled solutions so that everyone is able to park comfortably without fighting for space.


Real estate asset management giving you sleepless nights?

Real estate is an infamous sector for being opaque and unsecured. Props{AMC} is an integrated platform, working towards bringing transparency and validation into the real estate ecosystem through the legal, technical, and valuation domains.

Quick Quotes

Construction hasn’t started yet, and does material procurement already make you feel like giving up?

Quick Quotes simplifies the otherwise tedious procurement process in the construction industry with complete process automation. It is an API-ready platform that lets clients obtain quotes and compare them to choose the best.


60% of all construction projects are delayed. 80% of all customer complaints relate to real estate!

QwikSpec, an end-to-end project site management platform, helps tackle the concerns to bring down these mind-boggling numbers. It can be implemented in the structural, finishing, snagging & handover, and auditing stages of the construction cycle.


Your design team is wasting 80-90% of its time by converting sketches to models.

Snaptrude adopts a cloud-based approach to help real estate design teams by converting hand-drawn sketches and converting them into 2D drawings. This cuts down the time required and the associated costs by a large margin. It then uses Building Information Modelling to build the 3D model, automating an otherwise cumbersome process.


Save 85% of your energy costs by Syncing it all up!

SyncoNext provides next generation building management systems that collect multi-stream data such as temperature, air quality, occupancy, etc. in real. This data is then analyzed for efficient future planning.


54% of India faces water crisis. And this is only the frightening beginning.

How about tackling this problem with your phone? That’s what WEGoT, through its product, VenAqua, does. It prevents water wastage remotely through an IoT solution, reducing the overall usage of water by a whopping 40%!


Only 15% of the wood-working industry is organized.

Our precious woodworking industry, despite being of paramount importance, is riddled with challenges of productivity, information, standards, and product awareness. Woodzon is a network that aggregates offerings from different suppliers to facilitate the growth of woodworkers and to make selection easier.


The era of the smart is here!

Zeesense offers IoT based smart management solutions to various sectors through IoT based products such as smart homes, smart streetlights, smart energy, smart everything!